1. Champoeg Farm in St. Paul, Oregon
  2. Outdoor dining room full of Plate & Pitchfork guests
  3. Farm flower arrangements by Catherine Anderson
  4. Chef Justin Woodward, Castagna Restaraunt
  5. Chef Adam Sappington, Country Cat Dinnerhouse and Bar
  6. Jackie Sappington, Adam’s wife and Biscuit Baker Extraordinaire
  7. Erika Polmar, Plate & Pitchfork’s founder and fearless leader
  8. Heinrich, Champoeg Farm’s resident weimaraner
  9. Dirty stemware
  10. Compost bin
  11. Widmer Brothers Seasonal Brew
  12. Extra potable water, brought in by gator
  13. Pop-up tent, essential for instant shade during hot summer months
  14. Coolers full of ice and wine
  15. Extra rental chairs

It was a hot day in August. Dinner guests dazzled in funky coke-bottle sunglasses and cowboy boots, parading jeweled-toned parasols around in the sun. People say you can fry an egg on days like these, and some people, like Chef Adam Sappington from southeast Portland’s Country Cat restaurant mark the occasion by roasting an entire Berkshire pig as part of a five course Plate & Pitchfork dinner. As the sun set Adam’s wife Jackie hand whipped cream into voluptuous peaks for summer berry shortcakes, made with her famous biscuits. The pig was raised on the rolling pastures of Champoeg Farm, the place Mark and Catherine Anderson and their two little girls call home. Creating a mobile kitchen and dining room out in the middle of a field isn’t easy. Plate & Pitchfork celebrates the collaboration between a noble farmers and top-notch chefs, and is made possible thanks to a dedicated team of people working behind the scenes.