March Madness.

I know you don’t expect this site to have any sports references, but I confess.  I love basketball. I became an addict in college. My university team always landed in the NIT championship — better known as “Not In Tourney” — but everyone on campus believed one day we’d make it to the Big Dance. Granted I’ve been out of college for a long time, but when March is in sight the prospect of watching 60+ teams play their hearts out for a championship win still excites me. Maybe it’s because once the tourney is over spring has really arrived and the gray of winter gives way to daffodils, cherry blossoms and the promise of summer. 

This summer brings with it the most intense and amazing Plate & Pitchfork schedule I’ve ever created.  We’ll celebrate our Tenth Anniversary Season with no less than 17 dinners. It’s ambitious, a little crazy and this free-throw impaired girl’s version of the Big Dance.

Thank you for support & commitment to eating good food!

~ Erika Polmar

Plate & Pitchfork Almanac Table of Contents:

  • The Tenth Dinner of our Tenth Season take us back to where it all began, Kelly Clarke chats with P&P Alum Marco Shaw
  • Ali Jepson takes you inside the kitchen of pastry goddess:  Kristen D. Murray
  • And Lindsay Strannigan brightens the gray with Meyer Lemons and helpful hints from Chef Robert Reynolds. Read Cheats & Fakes and  What to Plant What to Eat