chioggiaIt’s January, which isn’t exactly peak produce season in the Northwest. The good news is that there are some seasonal gems to be had at this time of year (i.e. black truffles!). For your convenience, we’ve compiled a short list of what to eat and what to plant for January, 2012. For further inspiration, we’ve even included a seasonal recipe that we think you’ll like.

What To Plant:  Realistically, there isn’t a lot you can plant at the moment, especially if you live in the Pacific Northwest. But if you start seeds indoors, you can go ahead and plant radishes, carrots, kale, lettuce, and spinach. (This is also a great time of year to order/buy seeds and map out your spring and summer garden.)

What To Eat:  Chard, kale, potatoes, onions, carrots, parsnips, turnips, beets, garlic, squash, pumpkin, apples, pears, black truffles.

Make This Now: Wintery Grilled Cheese with Goat Cheese, Wilted Chard, Roasted Beets, Caramelized Onions and Horseradish. Inspired by a meal I had at Bunk Bar recently, this grilled cheese takes all the best things about winter and combines them in to one special  sandwich. The creamy goat cheese melds perfectly with the earthy winter vegetables, and the horseradish gives the sandwich just the right amount of punch.

If this is what winter tastes like, then I hope that winter lasts forever.

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