Photos from our ForkLift dinner at Bullrun Distillery by Hannah Harrod Casper

This spring, Plate and Pitchfork introduced a new winter dinner series called ForkLift. A variation on our farm dinners, ForkLift dinners take place in warehouses, distilleries, bakeries, and other unconventional indoor spaces where food or drink is made. These events are hands-on and educational. They’re casual and fun. And, it should go without saying that they are always delicious.

We wrapped up our inaugural ForkLift dinner series with an event at Bullrun Distilling Co. on May 13th. Guests toured the facilities, learned about the distilling process, and were guided in a blind whiskey tasting. (In case you were curious, Bullrun’s Temperance Trader Bourbon Whiskey does, in fact, taste better than Costco’s Kirkland brand whiskey.) Once the distillery tour concluded, guests were served a 3 course dinner, created by Chef Dustin Clark of Wildwood Restaurant. Ryan Csansky, president of the Oregon Distillers Guild, worked alongside Clark to create the perfect cocktail pairings. It was a fantastic night.

It’s been a month since that event, and we’ve been busy dreaming up our next Forklift dinner series. And we got to thinking

What do you want to learn about? What do you want to eat and drink? Who do you want to meet? What spaces do you want to explore?

We really want to know.

Do you want to learn how to shuck an oyster? How to mix craft cocktails? How to infuse salts? How to butcher a chicken?

Seriously, let us know!

Thanks to all who came out to our first four ForkLift dinners, we had an absolute blast. We certainly hope to see on the farm this summer, and we’ll be in touch with our plans for ForkLift events for the fall and winter.